STRIVA WiFi Product Connectivity Solutions

STRIVA makes product connectivity easier, more cost effective and reliable than ever before for manufacturers, service providers and consumers.

Being Connected

Your customers are connected like never before at work, home and play using smart phones and other computing devices.  Customer’s expectations of what they can use, monitor and control to make their lives easier and more productive are rapidly increasing.

The ability of product connectivity is redefining the entire relationship between manufacturers, service providers and the end-user.  Product connectivity is creating impactful new business models that have striking similarities with how ecommerce changed the way businesses operated.  Read more about the Evolution of Business.

Simple is Better

Your customers also want to uncomplexify their lives.  Research has shown that when a consumer or a business purchases a connected product, they expect it to “do what it is supposed to do” without the need of an IT expert.  Connected products using ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth and others have not gained traction because of being complicated and expensive.  Read more about getting products connected.

STRIVA is powered by WiFiThe STRIVA WiFi board size compared to a quarter

STRIVA was designed for manufacturer’s to make product connectivity easy and profitable.  STRIVA was designed to be easy to operate by end-users.  Harnessing the power of WiFi and the “cloud”, STRIVA delivers reliable, low-cost, product connectivity solutions using the internationally accepted WiFi standard.

Read more about STRIVA.

A reliable, robust, low-cost, WiFi-enabled solution can be implemented for most products in 6 months or less, from initial ideation to production.

When making the decision to get products connected manufacturers have to ask the following questions of their developer:

  • Do they have WiFi connected products in the marketplace?
  • Have they developed and deployed the server architecture to manage product connectivity via the cloud?
  • Are all Intellectual Property (IP) clearances completed?
  • Have they developed strategies to protect from future “patent trolls”?
  • Are all the essential and non-essential IP documentation for the IEEE WiFi standard completed?
  • Do they provide industry standard indemnification?
  • Do they have supply chain / purchasing agreements in place?
  • Have they completed FCC / CE / ICC certification?

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STRIVA is a wireless product communication platform. STRIVA is based on internet protocol standards and allows for user controls and high bandwidth applications. What makes STRIVA different from other wireless product connectivity solutions is that it is designed from the ground up using WiFi to communicate. Because it is WiFi, it can handle high bandwidth applications and unlike all other wireless technology, it doesn’t require expensive bridges or complicated installation to connect to the the internet. Unlike most wireless solutions, it has a server side architected and ready to be customized for a huge variety of product applications.